Create events and exhibitions with Botanical Encounter

If you are considering creating exhibitions or events in your community, classroom, garden or kitchen with the stories on Botanical Encounter. You are more than welcome! Botanical Encounter is a collectively created resource of the stories of human-plant encounters. Everyone can share their knowledge and stories, at the same time, use the collection.

On the Map of Botanical Encounters, if a plant story’s author agrees to share the work for further reproduction, you would see a Print button on the bottom of the story. You can click the print button to print the entire content out. (Make sure to select Print without background for the best result!)

the print button
The Print button is here!

The content is shared under the Creative Commons BY-NC license. It means you can reproduce and build your work upon this content as long as the outcomes are not for commercial purposes and the content’s original authors are acknowledged.

Since Botanical Encounter is collectively made, every story would enrich the resource. Therefore, we encourage you to share the works created during your events onto the Map of Botanical Encounters. Except for photography, any plant-inspired creation: plant-dye, collage, food, is welcome. Feel free to use the Botanical Encounter worksheets if you are looking for pre-designed material for a plant drawing/ printing event.






Check out these event and exhibition documentations for more inspiration!

The documentation showcased are provided by their generous organizers to inspire more creative minds. Although they did not necessarily use the Botanical Encounter’s collective resource, they are all inspired by plants.


Wild garden workshop


Garage Exhibition


Garage Botanical Encounter Workshop


Tatakizome Screen Workshop